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Stay Warm and Informed in Milwaukee

Just because you have to bundle up doesn’t mean you have to hide your message from the world. MKE Screen & Stitch can turn your winter wear and outdoor gear into another way to promote your business. Jackets, sweatshirts, and even coats can all be screen printed and embroidered just like regular T-shirts and pants.

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Winter ClothingA uniform or personalized shirt does no good when covered up from the world. During Wisconsin winters, your personalized shirts lose visibility whenever you bundle up. Have MKE Screen & Stitch screen print or embroider your outerwear so you can keep up your business’s presence no matter the weather.

Take a Hike in Style

If you are planning an outdoor activity, having the right gear is essential. Shirts capable of wicking moisture can make a summer charity run a little more comfortable while the right socks will prevent blisters from forming on a mountain walk with campers. With MKE Screen & Stitch creative designers, the possibilities for personalized clothing are endless.

MKE Screen & Stitch can customize outer clothes for all seasons. No matter how hot or cold it gets, you can have an appropriate outfit ready to promote your company. Seasonal or outdoor businesses can especially benefit from having the right clothes for the job. Our multicolor screen printing will always help you to stand out.

Milwaukee Outdoor Screen Printing ApparelPersonalized Winter Accessories

Try some cozy mittens or gloves with your company logo as a gift for your employees. Or send personalized hats and scarves to your business partners as a way to show you care. If your business involves a lot of outdoor work, personalized work gloves and protective garments from MKE Screen & Stitch can be essential to keeping work going.

MKE Screen & Stitch has personalized promotional items for your business to give away as gifts to clients and customers. Match the designs on your outwear to the items to make sure your company name and logo are not forgotten.

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