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Shirt with EmbroideryFor a traditional yet stylish look for your clothes, embroidery is the way to go. MKE Screen & Stitch has an in-house team of designers who will help you select the perfect pattern or convert your art into something that can be stitched through a process called digitizing. From corporate logos to personal designs, MKE Screen & Stitch is waiting to start your embroidery project.

MKE Screen & Stitch can embroider whatever type of clothing you have in mind. We can design team logos for athletic wear or create custom business uniforms for professional settings. Personalize an entire outfit with the best Milwaukee embroidery services. Your clothing won’t only look great; it’ll feel great to wear too!

Count On Us to Count the Thread

Just like bed sheets and window curtains, thread count matters with embroidery. Operating like pixels, the more thread you have in your embroidery the higher quality the final image will be. Often, when you ask about the thread count at other embroidery companies, they go quiet and don’t want to answer. A low thread count will result in the final image appearing frayed or even detaching from the fabric completely after regular wear and tear. At MKE Screen & Stitch, we’re more than happy to tell you about just how high our thread count can go and how much better your design will look because of it.

Creative Color and Stitch Design

Embroidering HatsThreads are also available in more colors than ever before, giving you greater variety when designing your next logo or garment. If you happen to have a color in mind which does not have a matching thread, we will work with you the entire way to find the closest equivalent thread to make your outfit look the way you want it or to determine the best alternate color combinations.

Almost all garments can be embroidered at MKE Screen & Stitch, with a few notable exceptions. Our expert team will let you know right away if you have a material not suitable for embroidery and will find another way to take care of your garment. Even select promotional items can be embroidered, making a unique gift for clients, customers, and business associates. Customized towels, baseball hats, and more are available from MKE Screen & Stitch’s worldwide sourcing capabilities.

Top of the Line Embroidery Machinery

Embroidery Machine At WorkMKE Stitch & Screen uses only the best Tajima embroidery machines at our Milwaukee facility. Our machines are expertly maintained to create quality results every time. They are capable of performing with a high thread count for better looking finished garments.

Our trained embroidery staff is able to operate these machines with ease to get the best looking results for your project. MKE Screen & Stitch in-house production means we can monitor the embroidery process from start to finish ensuring no mistakes are made. You will be enjoying comfortable, embroidered shirts in little to no time.

Contact the embroidery designers at MKE Screen & Stitch to learn more about decorating your garments.

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