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Take advantage of your marketing budget by spending it on promotional pens from MKE Screen & Stitch. Pens are an affordable way to turn your Milwaukee business name into a highly recognizable brand. Potential prospects get to hear your message and remember your logo all because of an easily affordable personalized pen. Pens are simple and yet a powerful marketing tool.

MKE Screen & Stitch creates customizable promotional items. We have a variety of pens to choose from due to our worldwide sourcing partner. Select from custom colors, styles, and more! Our designers will assist you in finding the best look for the finished pens to make them instantly memorable.

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Our goal is for you to receive your pens as fast as possible. We believe in prompt communication. Once you contact our pen design experts, we’ll respond quickly to confirm your order and we hope you do the same. Feel free to visit our local Milwaukee office to ensure our designs are completely accurate to your needs. This level of detail allows us to turn around orders fast and gets you your promotional items quicker than you think. There’s no time wasted on endless phone calls to confirm which shade of yellow you need or which font size to use.

Why Choose Pens as a Promotional Product for your Business or Charity?

Pens are useful. When you give away a pen at a trade show or convention it’s doesn’t get thrown away on the spot. Traditional business cards are easily damaged and can get lost if they do not into a wallet. With pens, you are giving your potential clients and partners a usefulMilwaukee Promotional Pens item which will always be close at hand. Customers use it as a writing tool during the event and then take it home. customize your pen with:

  • Company name
  • Logo
  • Web address
  • Contact information

The ability to easily distribute custom pens is another reason to have them in stock at all times. Give pens away to employees to boost workplace morale or reward customers with your fancy new pens. Bring them to trade shows or leave them at your receptionist’s desk for anyone to take. Just be sure to include contact information for the inevitable phone call!

Wow Customers with a Variety of Personalized Pens

Custom Promotional PensThe customizable pens you can choose from MKE Screen & Stitch are listed below:

  • Smartphone & Tablet itouch Ballpoint pens
  • Satin Stylus Ball point pen
  • Gravity styles ballpoint pen with rubber grip
  • Plastic retractable ball point pen with stylus
  • Metal ballpoint pen with styles
  • Retractable action ball pen
  • Silver cap light up pen
  • 3 in 1 plastic ball point pen with highlighter an stylus
  • And more!

Don’t see the one you want? Give us a call! We’ll do everything we can to get you the exact style of pen for your promotional project. You can start customizing your pens by contacting us or by viewing our selection of custom pens.

Contact MKE Screen & Stitch today to order and design personalized pens for your Milwaukee business.


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