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Screen Printing a ShirtScreen print garments are a great and easy way to promote your business, cause, or team for an affordable price. From traditional T-shirts to celebratory caps to professional pants, MKE Screen & Stitch can print on a variety of garments using your personal designs and logos. The process is more affordable than traditional stitch embroidery, making printing a viable alternative for larger garment orders.

Screen printing from MKE Screen & Stitch can be on all types of apparel for a variety of reasons. Create colorful work uniforms, summer school tops, or athletic pants with printed designs. Our professional staff will help come up with the perfect design for your clothing or promotional items to best promote your business, cause, or personal event.

From Photo to Print

With MKE Screen & Stitch’s team of in-house designers and printers, we can work with you from the very start to find the right design for your screen print project. Even if you bring in a photograph, we can use our digitizing process to convert your image into something we can then use as a screen print.
Through the digitizing process, we are able to turn regular photographs, corporate logos, and images into designs suitable for screen printing. This means you have greater creative control with MKE Screen & Stitch instead of a limited art catalog most online screen printing stores offer. If you have yet to decide on a design, our in-house artists can create something for you based on exactly what you want.

How Our Screen Printing Works

Screen Printing MachineOnce we have an image digitized, MKE Screen & Stitch designers break the image down into its base color pieces. These sections are then “burned” onto different screens, one for each different color of your design, and layered onto the garment as a sort of stencil by a printing press. While multiple colors can be used, the entire process is usually faster with fewer colors being placed.

The ink is then given time to dry or cure to get the finished style. Different inks create different finishes and styles along with varying drying times. This incredibly fast and efficient process is what allows MKE Screen & Stitch to offer turnaround times of as little as two weeks. The high speed process also allows for more garments to be printed in less time than other customization methods, resulting in an affordable price. From concept-to-cloth, we are ready to meet your deadlines for your screen printing needs.

Mark the Occasion with Marked Garments

Celebrating a milestone event? Hosting an annual fundraiser? Printed T-shirts are one of the easiest ways to get your entire group to match and inform others what you’re doing. Hosting an annual event? Having new shirts every year is a fun tradition for participants to fill their closet with! Whether you’re a small group of friends or part of a large company, MKE Screen & Stitch will make your event extra memorable with quality screen printed shirts.

Screen printed apparel can be used for:

MKE Screen & Stitch is able to source garments as well, making us a one-stop-shop for your screen print needs. Rather than trying to find enough matching T-shirts to send away to an online screen printer halfway across the country, just order your shirts directly through us and receive the finished package locally for greater convenience. No expensive shipping, no expensive mistakes.

Promotional items can also be screen printed for total customization. Have matching shirts and prizes at your next event and continue to spread your company name with style. Everything from canvas bags to beverage holders can be customized to promote your fundraising cause or business venture.

Contact the Milwaukee screen print designers of MKE Screen & Stitch today to get quality print apparel and promotional items.

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